4RT Mold-Open Oil-Seal Vacuum Compression Molding Machine


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  • 4RT Mold-Open Oil-Seal Vacuum Compression Molding Machine


  • Design for machine frame

    The machine frame is made of steel plates through assembly. It is suitable for the production of oil seals.

  • Design for loading/unloading molds

    Abrasive components are installed on the frame for loading/unloading molds. It can be frequently used and it’s positioning is very accurate.

  • Design for vacuum room

    A vacuum gate can be opened or closed very quietly and smoothly. The tightness is excellent and it is capable of being high percentage of vacuum.

  • Design for oil tank

    The vacuum room and the oil tank are separated to make oil seals more durable.

  • Design for final products

    Two openings are designed for final products, top and bottom. The operation is easy and the production speed is very fast.

  • Maintenance

    All positioning switches are installed outside the vacuum room. It becomes more durable and it is easier to perform the maintenance work.

  • Hydraulic system Design

    Hydraulic system Designed by proportional pressure and flow ratio, which is steady, quiet and low frequency of malfunction. Two shafts can be operated simultaneously.

4RT Mold-Open Oil-Seal Vacuum Compression Molding Machine

  • Nature rubber
  • Rubber of metal boned parts
  • Oil resistance rubber
  • NBR+PVC concoction
  • Synthetic rubber
  • Medical/Pharmaceutical usage rubber
  • Heat resistance rubber


Diameter of piston (mm) 225 250 300 400
Clamping force (ton) 80 100 150 250
Stroke (mm) 200 200 200 200
Heating platen (mm) 250*300 350*400 450*480 570*610
Mold board size (mm) 290*320 390*420 500*520 620*620
Horse (hp) 5 / 10*1 7.5 / 10*1 10 / 15*1 10 / 15*1