4RT Mold-Open Oil-Seal Vacuum Compression Molding Machine


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  • 4RT Mold-Open Oil-Seal Vacuum Compression Molding Machine


  • Design for machine frame

    The frame of the vacuum compression molding machine is made of steel plates through the assembly. It is suitable for the production of oil seals.

  • Design for loading/unloading molds

    Abrasive components are installed on the frame for loading/unloading molds. It can be frequently used and its positioning is very accurate.

  • Design for vacuum compression room

    A vacuum compression gate can be opened or closed very quietly and smoothly. The tightness is excellent and it is capable of being a high percentage of vacuum.

  • Design for oil tank

    The vacuum compression room and the oil tank are separated to make oil seals more durable.

  • Design for final products

    Two openings are designed for the final products, top, and bottom. The operation is easy and the production speed is very fast.

  • Maintenance

    All positioning switches are installed outside the vacuum compression room. It becomes more durable and it is easier to perform maintenance work.

  • Hydraulic system Design

    The hydraulic system is designed by proportional pressure and flow ratio, which is the steady, quiet, and low frequency of malfunction. Two shafts can be operated simultaneously.

4RT Mold-Open Oil-Seal Vacuum Compression Molding Machine

  • Nature rubber
  • Rubber of metal boned parts
  • Oil resistance rubber
  • NBR+PVC concoction
  • Synthetic rubber
  • Medical/Pharmaceutical usage rubber
  • Heat resistance rubber


Diameter of piston (mm) 225 250 300 400
Clamping force (ton) 80 100 150 250
Stroke (mm) 200 200 200 200
Heating platen (mm) 250*300 350*400 450*480 570*610
Mold board size (mm) 290*320 390*420 500*520 620*620
Horse (hp) 5 / 10*1 7.5 / 10*1 10 / 15*1 10 / 15*1