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Company Introduction

Lin Cheng Technologies Co., Ltd. established in 1978 is a powerful rubber molding machine manufacturer and occupies a space of up to 5000 pings. A strong team works with Lin Cheng, which consists of Sales, Engineering, Management, Production, Electrical Engineering, Quality Control, Research and Development and Maintenance Divisions.

We stand out in the field for manufacturing rubber injection molding, silicon rubber injection molding, vacuum compression molding, thermoforming, thermosetting, carbon fiber molding, powder forming and other types of compression molding machines.


For worldwide customer we provide efficient and customized service to fullfil their needs and offer different solutions. Our products are used for electronic components, car parts, conductive rubber, oil seals for industrial uses, oil rings, sport equipment, medical devices, various utensils and etc.

Company Vision

  • Our quality machines win over the reputation and orders. Our service network is extended to Mainland China and other areas. Actually, our services are provided at a place wherever our machines locate.

  • In 1997, we were granted the ISO 9002 quality accreditation. Approved CE certificate in 2005. Our quality products are recognized in the domestic and oversea markets, and our sales channels are all over the world.

  • Based on our professions, LIN CHENG has worked for years towards innovations and breakthroughs. We take no account of cost and a brand-new computerized system is adopted to promote the overall work efficiency and machine quality.