CE Certificate Compression Molding Machine


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  • CE Certificate Compression Molding Machine


  • Safety design

    A high-tech infrared safety electronic sensor and automatic warning system are adopted to monitors the status of machine in order to provide extra protection to ensure the operation safety for operators.

  • Mold lifting design

    Incorporate a special design into the mechanism of mold lifting. It is durable, quiet, speedy and stable.

  • Hydraulic system design

    Hydraulic system Designed by proportional pressure and flow ratio, which is steady, quiet and low frequency of malfunction. Two shafts can be operated simultaneously.

  • Mold calibration

    Two type of mold calibration are provided for users to choose from, fast type and slow type. It makes the calibration safer and more accurate.

  • Mold position

    Molds can be precisely positioned. A 100% safety design for positioning is available to prevent molds from damage.

CE Certificate Compression Molding Machine